AIPA Success Story: Investing In The Future
September 1, 2021 Blog Details Anusha Shivaram
AIPA Success Story: Investing In The Future

AIPA is a Slovenian Collective Management Organization representing Authors, Performers and Film Producers. Although the organization is at the top of its game, they are continuously looking to improve efficiency and accuracy with their advanced systems and streamlined processes to maximize revenue for their right holders.

Like in the music industry, the movie industry has a similar challenge with the data they receive. Money is always hiding under massive piles of data. For example, how can we find an episode of ‘Friends Season 4” with a similar title or misspelled title like “The One with the Cafs” or “The One with the Cats”, originally titled as “The One with the Cuffs”, directed by Shelly Jenson and Peter Bonerz respectively, when we have very limited identification data and incorrect episodes and seasons?

Traditionally, organizations have implemented costly rule-based processes and systems to identify this and solve similar problems. But the real issue is, data is changing every day. Historically, this has been a challenge and a headache for the head of distributions and the collection department.

The leadership team at AIPA has been constantly looking for solutions to get ahead in the game. Their core strengths as a Lean and Agile organization enable them to quickly adapt to new opportunities. They recognized the opportunity in the need for a new partnership to tackle the technology side of their problem while they focused on the business and process side.

In the spring of 2018, AIPA partnered with Noctil to create a proof of concept using Noctil’s, matchIQ, a Software as a Service solution, utilizing machine learning(ML)and artificial intelligence(AI).

The first use case tried on the platform was even more interesting, which was to match their member data. As an example, how can one differentiate between Warner Bros, Warner Brothers, W Bros, and WB? The results of the platform were strikingly precise.

“As an organization that needs to tackle massive amounts of data, Noctil has really given us the tools to do just that. They gave us key insights into our own vast data and also helped us find a way to manage it more efficiently. Partnership with Noctil is an investment in the future. We are proud to be pioneering the audiovisual field with them.”

– Peter Kep
Head of Professional Services

Since then, AIPA has implemented many use cases on the platform, exploiting the infinite possibilities of machine learning and artificial intelligence thus becoming one of the few organizations leading the technology innovation in this industry.

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