Benefits of Music Royalty Management Software
October 13, 2021 Blog Details Anusha Shivaram
Benefits of Music Royalty Management Software

Why have a Music Royalty Management Software?

In the digital era, the consumption and management of music is tedious and tough. This makes it difficult to keep track of the licenses, collection, and distribution of royalties for large volumes of music work.

Music royalty management software keeps track of all the music work licensed or distributed and requires collecting and distributing royalties. It also provides musicians with total transparency regarding revenue.

How does it help?

  • A significant advantage of royalty management software is the automation of complex royalty calculations. From performing simple functions such as audits to complex ones such as royalty distribution calculations, it ensures that artists are compensated on time for their work.
  • Not only that, it allows companies to manage their music catalogs correctly. It makes it easier to organize and centralize music metadata, thus enhancing metadata management.
  • Transparency is enhanced. It offers a detailed and transparent platform that artists or musicians can use to get clear insights into how royalties are calculated and distributed.
  • Save your costs. A long-term investment in an automated tool will get you more returns and reduce operational and administrative costs. By automating calculations and reducing manual labor, businesses can operate more efficiently.
  • Increase revenue. Moreover, the software minimizes the risk of costly errors in royalty calculations, ultimately increasing revenue opportunities.
  • Easy integration. Don’t worry if you have been doing tasks manually until now and want to integrate this system into your current process. With technological advancements, Noctil helps you get started quickly.

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