Music Publishing Administration Software
June 13, 2021 Blog Details Anusha Shivaram
Music Publishing Administration Software

What is music publishing administrator software?

Music Publishing Administration Software is a specialized tool that simplifies and optimizes the complex process of music publishing administration. It is more than just a generic music management tool as it offers a range of features specific to the unique needs of publishers and music rights holders.

Why does the Music Publishing Administration matter?

To get their music heard and earn money from their work, artists and songwriters need the assistance of music publishers or publishing administrators. These organizations are responsible for registering the music works and songs globally and collecting the royalties owed to the rightsholders from various income sources within their network.

Do you need publishing administration software?

If you work at a music publishing company and are finding it challenging to keep track of the registrations and catalogs, and manual processes have taken a toll, then this is for you.

You may also lose out on your customers if they do not get their payment on time or you are unable to keep track of all the revenue sources.

Factors like industry-specific features, integration capabilities, user-friendliness, pricing, and scalability all come into play when you are looking for specific administration software. 

How does Noctil help?

Noctil is a powerful tool that helps with metadata management, rightsholder management, data transformation, and bulk export/import into the system. You can customize the software’s functionality to meet your company’s specific requirements and even white-label it with your branding. Plus, it’s all within your budget!

By using Noctil, you can gain more customers and generate more revenue while also providing specific data analytics to educate and grow your customers, enriching their experience. Our system allows you to prepare files in CWR/DDEX standards for your data, and music publishers can automatically generate and send catalogs to PROs or any music rights societies with just one click.

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