What is music metadata de-duplication and matching?
March 25, 2024 Blog Details Anusha Shivaram
What is music metadata de-duplication and matching?

Metadata de-duplication in the music business is the process of identifying duplicates through comparing similarities of various attributes in master records with new set of records received from any metadata sources to ensure the master data is unique and clean.

Music Metadata matching is mainly a comparison of two different sets of metadata to know if they represent the same asset.

How does the de-duplication and matching process help?

For instance, in the music industry, each track or song can be uniquely identified using metadata attributes like the ISRC or ISWC or when there is no reliable identifiers, we need to use sophisticated deduplication algorithms.

Identifying and eliminating de-duplicates helps you achieve high-quality metadata. This process is crucial since incorrect and duplicate data poses a big hindrance in achieving higher royalty distributions.

When the playlist logs or other usage logs have minimal or incorrect data, tracking and checking the records and seeing if they already exist in the master repertoire is difficult. A higher metadata matching percentage will improve the royalty distribution percentage and improve the efficiency of the process. Hence, administration costs and work can be minimized. Artist members can then earn more, and this can enhance the customer experience.

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