What is the Best Metadata Management Tool to organize your music catalog?
June 24, 2024 Blog Details Anusha Shivaram
What is the Best Metadata Management Tool to organize your music catalog?

Imagine that you want to transfer all music playlists to your phone. 

But the moment you hit transfer, your music player displays nothing but a confusing jumble of “Track01” and “Track02.” Frustrating, right?

And this is how metadata management can help the Music Industry.

The system stores information like artist names, song titles, album art, and even genre – basically, everything that helps identify and organize the music library.

When there are many music players and streaming services using different database systems, keeping the metadata consistent, complete, and accurate can feel like an uphill battle. 

That’s where metadata management tools come to the rescue!

By helping you update, sort, tag, and organize your entire collection with ease.

Here are some features of a Superstar Metadata Management Tool:

  • Centralized system: Multiple artists, albums, and singles? No worries! These tools act as a central hub, storing all your music’s metadata in one place. No more scrambling through excel spreadsheets or relying on memory.
  • Eliminates human errors: Typos happen, but with a metadata management tool, they don’t have to create disaster. Double-check everything before uploading, ensuring your artists’ music gets discovered by the right audience.
  • Better collaboration: Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube Music – each platform has its way of understanding metadata. These tools ensure your data follows industry standards, making your music easily recognizable by streaming services.
  • Updating older data: Did you upload music in the early days with some degree of inaccuracy in metadata? Get a tool that allows you to edit information retroactively. Give older tracks a second chance to shine with accurate and up-to-date metadata. Thus, eliminating unclaimed royalties.

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